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How long until I get my order?

Orders take around 2-3 Business days to complete. After order is complete it will be shipped out . Tracking included. Shipping normally takes 3-5 days depending on day order is place.

I haven't received my package.

 Due to Covid-19 workers in the postal system are limited causing mail to run slower than normal. Please be patient and continue to track your package(s) via your tracking number.


 Are there any refunds? 

No because products are cosmetic they can not be returned therefore all sales are final.


 All deliveries must be scheduled via email or text message. Payment must be sent prior to the meeting time. With an exception of cash payments. 

If you fail to show up two times it will be up to you to meet me when I am available. After one full week from original order all deposits will be final and your product will be placed back into inventory.

Can you hold my order?

 I am only allowed to hold orders up to four days. During this time you are given ample amount of time to gather payments as well as pick up your order.





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